Improving the competitiveness of diversification crops (hemp, linseed, lupin, lentil and chickpea)

Diversification crops have a real agronomic and economic value, which is sometimes underestimated. Terres Inovia is working with various actors from this sector to raise awareness of these promising crops, which are suitable for use in organic agriculture and have profitable outlets.
The institute is promoting competitiveness through the mobilization of a range of expertise in various technical programs. These programs generate tools and advice to support the entire crop development chain, from the synthesis of new varieties to technical advice, cropping guides, campaign evaluations, local and national events (e.g. Culturales and Tech&Bio in France).

Contact : Agathe Penant

Our goals

To strength local partnerships, to prioritize the technical subjects to be considered, to share the acquisition of reference data and to master the crop management sequences [EP1] for each of these crops.

To maintain monitoring activities for minor oil and protein crops.


Our main actions

Structuring technical actions and the local pulse sectors

Terres Inovia contributes to the development of the dried vegetable, lentil and chickpea sectors. Since January 2019, the institute has been responsible for running the network of the National Interprofessional Association of Dried Vegetables (ANILS). He sets up and coordinates the various projects around the lens, requiring a significant mobilization of the experts of Terres Inovia. This mission also includes the animation of the Technical Committee, which sets the guidelines for the joint experimentation program with the institute, but also communication and transfer actions on the lens. This brand new role allows, for the first time, to have privileged exchanges with the various partners around actions on experimentation. In 2019, three Technical Committee meetings were held to structure the network, carry out test visits and take stock of the actions of the year. In addition, a CVO plan, describing the orientations and strategic actions to be implemented on pulses, has been established between Anils, Terres Inovia and the Terres Univia inter-branch.


FILEG: a project to structure a legume sector in Occitania

In order to valorize pulses, Terres Inovia, with the interprofession Terres Univia and numerous partners, is carrying out the project of creating a sector dedicated to pulses in Occitania.

This regional and federative project, whose ambition is the creation of values (economic, social, societal, environmental...) for regional agriculture, responds in particular to the major challenges of food and agro-ecological transitions.
Indeed, it is fully in line with national public health recommendations, which call for a rebalancing of plant and animal protein sources in the human diet. It is also in line with the national strategy on proteins to increase France's protein autonomy. Finally, the increase in the surface area of seed legumes is one of the levers for reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), and therefore for mitigating climate change.
For this large-scale project, 42 structures (cooperatives, traders, seed companies, development structures, food industry companies, livestock feed manufacturers, etc.) have officially committed to the creation of this regional sector. This project, with a budget of 220 k€, has been implemented thanks to the financial support of the Occitanie Region, the Adour-Garonne water agency and the DRAAF Occitanie.

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