A mixed technological unit brings together, on the same site, partners from agricultural research, training and development, with the aim of fluidifying and intensifying collaborations and joint projects to promote innovation and multidisciplinary working. These units receive accreditation for a period of five years and are funded by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Terres Inovia, which has invested in the network of UMTs since their initial creation in 2006, is currently coordinating two UMTs.


This UMT received accreditation in October[JS1] 2018, for a duration of five years (2019-2023). Its aim is to generate knowledge and useful tools for the diversification of cropping systems through the inclusion of oil crops and grain legumes, addressing the dual issues of adaptation to climate change and the agroecological and nutritional transition.

For more information, contact: e.mestries@terresinovia.fr



This unit, located at Grignon and accredited in 2017, associates Terres Inovia, AgroParisTech, INRA, Arvalis - Institut du végétal and CentraleSupélec. It aims to increase our capacity to model cropping systems in the north of France and to promote the use of tools of this type by technical institutes, for various applications.

For more information, contact: x.pinochet@terresinovia.fr