Terres Inovia contributes to the management and orientations of two international research associations and ensures logistics.

ISA: the International Sunflower Association

ISA is an international association that aims to promote research into and to develop the production of sunflower. It aims to develop international cooperation in the agronomic, technical, nutritional and animal production domains, together with close links to research and consumers.


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AGROPOL was created in 1983, at the initiative of the organizations structuring the French oil and protein sectors. Its kindles, supports and assists the emergence and development of local oil-protein sectors, in the countries of the Southern Mediterranean Basin (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt), Subsaharan Africa (Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal), Iran, and formerly in Central and Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic States).

AGROPOL implements its actions by seeking and coordinating skills from the French sector, and it intervenes through partnership with local operators.

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GCIRC, the International Consultative Group for Research on Rapeseed


The GCIRC is an international association that aims to develop scientific and technical research and to perform studies and experiments for the improvement of rapeseed and its transformed products from the agronomic, technological and nutritional standpoints.

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