TaDeBo'Sols: Soil fertility in field crop systems

Construction of operational dashboards for the strategic management of the services expected from soil fertility in field crop systems.

Soil fertility' is a central concern for farmers seeking to improve the robustness and resilience of their crops and cropping systems. In order to achieve the services expected from soil fertility (e.g. soils that are not susceptible to erosion, soils that provide abundant nutrients, etc.), it is essential to equip farmers and advisors in this sense. 

Indeed, production methods based on agroecology imply adapting locally a set of fairly well known levers (establishment of cover crops, reduction of tillage, crop diversification). However, farmers and advisors lack the knowledge and operational tools to adjust practices step by step according to the evolution of their soils in their context (climate and farm).

Winner of the Plant2Pro call for projects from the Carnot Institute, the TaDeBo'Sols project is led by Terres Inovia for a one-year period (2022), in partnership with Arvalis-Institut du végétal. 

The aim is to formalise knowledge on the various services expected from fertility, in an operational manner, and to design easily transferable and adaptable dashboards. They will make it possible to assess the capacity of the strategies implemented to achieve the services expected from soil fertility, and thus to support strategic decision-making in order to adjust the systems if necessary.

At the end of this project, an innovative methodology could be implemented in real situations in field crop systems.

Contact: as.perrin@terresinovia.fr