LIDO (Limitation of Bird Damage to Crops)

To date, there is no effective solution to prevent bird damage at sowing and emergence in field crops. To solve this problem, the LIDO project proposes to test a concerted management approach in Beauce Gâtinais, Yonne and Drôme. The project, winner of the Ecophyto Maturation 2021 call for projects, is being conducted in partnership with the INRAE UMR Agronomy, ANAMSO and local stakeholders. It has 2 objectives:

1) Demonstrate the efficiency of an integrated territorial approach. In the pilot territories, the aim will be to :

  • Design strategies combining different levers according to local assets and constraints: synchronisation of sowing; sowing at the right time; push/pull. These strategies will be translated into collective and/or individual decision rules;
  • Set up data collection to be able to feed the decision rules and evaluate the performance of the strategies defined in the previous stage;
  • Carry out tests on the territories.

2) Develop a consultancy offer based on this integrated approach. This offer will include :

  • Digital tools and services to facilitate decision-making during the campaign (synchronisation and management of sowing) and at the end of the campaign (assessment to re-evaluate strategies): data collection, processing and visualisation;
  • Support for development: guides / webinars.


Contact : Christophe Sausse –