The seed and cake analysis laboratory

This laboratory performs physical and chemical analyses on seeds and cakes of rapeseed, sunflower, field bean, soybean, pea and linseed. It determines, for example, the levels of impurity and visual quality of seeds, but also their composition, in terms of oil, protein, glucosinolates and fiber contents. The objective is to evaluate the nutritional and economic value of the seeds and cakes, and of the oils they produce (particularly in terms of fatty acid contents). This laboratory is certified by Cofrac according to ISO laboratory standards.

36 000

determinations performed per year

13 000

samples of seeds and cakes analyzed (44% rapeseed and 24% sunflower)


cakes analyzed (2% of the samples)

Exemples d'actions

Observatory of seeds and cakes for Terres Univia

The Ardon analytical laboratory supplies the data for these two major interprofessional observatories.

Evaluation of harvest quality

The laboratory analyzes seeds from different harvests, to evaluate their quality, and transmits a summary to researchers.

Characterization of agronomic trials

The laboratory analyzes the results of experimental trials to guide the orientation of the research work of the institute.

Paid external services

In addition to its work for the institute, the laboratory exploits its expertise by offering analyzes for external structures, such as INRAs and private companies.

Work on standards

Accredited by Cofrac for the analyzes it performs, the Ardon laboratory develops and improves standards concerning methods of analysis and sampling, particularly on specifications.