The crop protection and genetics laboratory

The crop protection and genetics laboratory develops and implements various biological methods and techniques for conducting studies on the crops of interest to Terres Inovia and their pests. It contributes, for example to research and development projects and to territorial monitoring systems, and it provides support to actors in the field for pathological and entomological diagnosis and for the detailed characterization of pests.

Remunerated external services: in addition to its work for the institute, the laboratory makes its expertise available to external structures, by performing analyses, for a fee.

1 500

samples analyzed

13 000

results generated

Exemples d'actions

Setting out tests

The laboratory contributes to territorial surveillance, by testing pest populations for resistance to insecticides or testing Sclerotinia for resistance to fungicides, for example, and it works on the development of new methods for performing these analyses.

Diagnostic expertise

The laboratory has considerable diagnostic expertise, for the identification of pathogens or pests responsible for symptoms observed in the field. It develops its own molecular tests to strengthen its expertise, and performs about 80 diagnostic tests per year.

Paid external services

In addition to its work for the institute, the laboratory exploits its expertise by offering analyzes for exterior structures.