Development, transfer and valorization

Development officers work in the field, in contact with the agricultural world (cooperatives, merchants, chambers of agriculture, groups of producers, etc.). They respond to demands for expert opinions and provide feedback concerning regional problems and producers’ questions. Together with their partners, they help to acquire regional reference data. Finally, they communicate the results of the work of the institute via multiple channels (meetings, platform visits, newsletters, training etc.) and deliver operational advice to groups of farmers and other operators from the agricultural world.

About 200

technical meetings are organized annually for farmers and agricultural advisers


training courses are proposed

Almost 300

regionalized technical messages are emitted via the Terres Inovia website

Exemples d'actions

Participation in expert networks

The development officers contribute to the animation of networks of observers (technicians and farmers) and regional epidemiological surveillance committees. They write almost 500 weekly risk analysis reports per year for 14 regions.

Organization of regional technical meetings

These meetings are open to all the partners of the institute and actors from the agricultural world. They make it possible to update assessments of knowledge relating to the principal technical problems faced by the oil-protein sector in the region. The development officers prepare the agenda for the meeting and, together with experts from the institute, they intervene during the meeting concerning the various subjects. Each year, about a dozen such regional technical meetings are organized.