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Transition agroécologique : un colloque présentant des outils opérationnels

20 Jan 2022

How to make a successful transition to an agroecological cropping system and soil conservation agriculture?

On January 18, a symposium organized by Terres Inovia presented the detailed results of the OUTILLAGE project. Funded by the CASDAR and coordinated by the technical institute, it has developed, between 2018 and 2021, with 22 partners, support tools to imagine, test, evaluate and adapt innovations in order to design step by step agroecological systems on farms.

The conference, which took place over two half-days, was attended by 165 people. Farmers, advisors, students, and institutions were able to listen carefully to the many interventions of experts and farmers.

Stéphane Cadoux, in charge of agronomy and crop systems studies at Terres Inovia and project leader, explained the foundations, organization and main results of OUTILLAGE. Other presentations by the project partners detailed the tools developed - such as the "robust rapeseed" and "sunflower in conservation agriculture" dashboards and the decision tree for transition to conservation agriculture - and drew lessons from the project to guide those wishing to develop their own tools to support system transitions.

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