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Addressing the carbon challenge by growing oilseeds and pulses for plant protein

27 Sep 2022

Faced with the carbon challenge, in association with other institutes, Terres Inovia is studying the strength of various greenhouse gas (GHG) emission mitigation levers that can be mobilised to improve the carbon balance of the field crop agricultural sector.

The institute uses the Label Bas Carbone - Grandes Cultures method, approved by the Ministry of Ecological Transition in August 2021, for which Terres Inovia is part of the editorial committee.

Reducing GHG and storing carbon in soils

The webinar on 22 September was an opportunity to share ongoing studies, focusing on crop diversification levers that directly concern oilseeds and pulses, sources of plant proteins to strengthen France's protein sovereignty.


The levers (here individualised for an a priori study) should then be combined according to each situation, to obtain the greatest possible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage in the soil.

The net reductions can be valued economically via carbon credits, hence the estimation of the economic performance of the application of these levers. Several sales price contexts are considered given the current volatility, and several carbon credit price assumptions due to the dynamic voluntary market. This could presume a real added value for the producer if the incentives facilitate the recognition of the mitigation service at its true value in the face of the climate emergency.

Contact: Anne Schneider,​​​​​​​

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