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Reducing antitryptic factors in soybeans through heat treatments

29 Apr 2022

A year ago, the webinar "What opportunities for a better match between supply and demand of plant proteins for animal feed?​​​​​​​" was led by Go Proteins.

The presentations have recently been put online by the Regional Chamber of Agriculture of Burgundy-Franche-Comté. This is an opportunity to discover or review the presentation by Patrick Carré, expert in seed processing at Terres Inovia, on the reduction of anti-tryptic factors in soybeans by cooking processes.

Overview of anti-nutritional factors in soybeans

In 15 minutes, the video recalls the nature of anti-nutritional factors in soybeans, their effects on monogastric animals and provides an overview of the inactivation methods used to limit their harmfulness.

Indeed, if poorly controlled, anti-tryptic factors reduce the availability of amino acids in the protein. For example, soybean meal with residues of 7 IU/mg of antitryptic activity resulted in a 180g/d reduction in piglet growth compared to piglets fed well-cooked meal.

It also discusses short circuit processing without oil extraction (toasting, extrusion) and the techniques available on the market.

A good viewing to all! (click on the image below)




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