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2022 crop: high yield and good oil content for rapeseed

05 Jan 2023

The Observatory of the quality of rapeseed has just published its summary sheet for the 2022 harvest. It attests to a high yield, with excellent quality, in particular a very good oil content of 44.4% by standard.

In 2022, 1,225,000 ha of rapeseed were cultivated in France, up 25% compared to 2021. With a record national yield of 36.7 q/ha, the highest since 2017, national production exceeded 4,500,000 t, 36% higher than 2021.

Rapeseed benefited from good establishment and development conditions in the fall, followed by relatively dry weather conditions. These climatic conditions have allowed to obtain a very good oil content, up by 2 points compared to 2021, with a satisfactory protein content, and a lower glucosinolate content, making this campaign one of the best recorded in recent years.

Find the seed quality sheet in attachment


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