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Hyperprotein Solutions Technical Day (Charente - 16)

01 Jul 2022


In June, a technical day on hyperprotein solutions took place at the Lycée agricole de l'Oisellerie in La Couronne (16400).

Throughout this field day dedicated to the culture of protein, 60 speakers from 26 different organisations were able to speak to 130 visitors, including breeders, farmers, technicians and schoolchildren. This day was a rare opportunity to benefit from almost personalized advice! The exchanges were rich and the contacts interesting.




Several workshops and conferences took place, including two on "Producing proteins AND reducing its carbon impact" during which the following topics were discussed:  
- The Protein Plan and the results of Cap-Protéines
- The carbon issue and the role of Terres Inovia
- Legumes to reduce emissions
- Cover crops and rapeseed to increase storage potential
- Outlook for the future

Read more about the carbon issue: Mitigating climate change through a win-win transition for farmers





Find here all the materials used during this day :

▶​​​​​​​Technical routes Pea, Bean, Lentil, Lupin, Chickpea, Soya, Sunflower

▶​​​​​​​Conditions for successful soybean production in Poitou-Charentes

Bird damage on sunflower: state of play, agronomic solutions

▶​​​​​​​Producing protein AND reducing carbon impact