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120-day exemption for Minecto Gold against flea beetle larvae in oilseed rape and mustard

01 Sep 2022

MINECTO Gold® (s.a. cyantraniliprole) has just received a marketing authorisation as a derogation for a period of 120 days in the regions of Grand-Est, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Ile-de-France, Centre-Val-de-Loire and the department of Allier.

Terres Inovia and the Fop have been working for many months to provide producers with operational solutions for the control of autumn rapeseed pests in a context of reduced availability of treatment solutions.

Within the framework of the phosmet (s.a contained in BORAVI WG) phase-out action plan, research projects have been launched since July 2022 with the aim of proposing effective alternative solutions within 3 years. This plan also identifies short term actions to avoid that producers in areas of high flea beetle resistance to pyrethroids find themselves in a dead end this autumn.

The application for a 120-day derogation (art 53 REG 1107/2009) for the use of MINECTO Gold® (s.a. cyantraniliprole), submitted by Terres Inovia to the Ministry of Agriculture, has received a positive opinion.

The commercial speciality MINECTO Gold (AMM 2220766, SYNGENTA France S.A.S.) benefits from a derogatory use from 15 October 2022 to 12 February 2023 for oilseed rape and mustard within the use cruciferous oilseeds * treatment of aerial parts* phytophagous Coleoptera. 

This derogation is limited to the regions Grand-Est, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Ile-de-France, Centre-Val-de-Loire and the department of Allier. These regions are those concerned by the proven phenomena of strong resistance of the large flea beetle to pyrethroids.

MINECTO Gold ® is composed of cyantraniliprole 400 g/kg.
MINECTO Gold ® is authorised at the maximum use rate of 100 g/ha from BBCH16 (6 leaves) to BBCH19 (9 leaves or more) for a single application.

Application methods: prior berlèse test and reasoned intervention according to the estimation of the risk by the available OAD

Re-entry time: 24 hours

SPe 1: To protect groundwater, do not apply this or any other product containing cyantraniliprole more than once every 3 years to the same area.
SPe 3: To protect aquatic organisms, maintain a 20-metre restricted-entry interval (REI) around water bodies with a 20-metre wide permanent vegetative cover around water bodies.
SPe 3: To protect non-target arthropods, maintain a 5-metre restricted-entry interval (REI) to the adjacent non-crop area.

Do not contaminate water with the product or its packaging. Do not clean application equipment near surface water. Avoid contamination via the drainage system from farmyards or roads. 

Maintain a distance of at least 5 m between the spray boom and areas likely to be frequented by residents and areas frequented by people at the time of application.


Terres Inovia recommendations

Insecticide application is a complementary control lever to the agronomic measures used to establish a robust rapeseed that is less susceptible to pests.

The MINECTO Gold ® solution should be reserved for the control of flea beetle larvae in regions where strong resistance to pyrethroids is widespread or increasing. 

The application takes place if necessary, after evaluation of the risk in the field, which depends on the growth dynamics of the rape and the number of larvae (Berlèse test). The OAD "COLZA Risques larves de grosse altise" is freely available on the Terres Inovia website. 

When necessary, protection should be applied at the beginning of winter, during November to early December.

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