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Rapeseed: the industry, public authorities and research are mobilizing to find alternatives to phosmet

14 Mar 2022

In this context, the actors of the rapeseed sector are invited to gather to design and implement alternative protection solutions, within the framework of an action plan "Phosmet withdrawal".

This plan will be supported by a call for projects (AAP) financed by the CASDAR, as well as by the means mobilized by the sector via the Fonds d'Actions Stratégiques des Oléagineux-Protéagineux (Strategic Action Fund for Oilseeds and Proteaginous Crops), managed by SOFIPROTEOL, and the SELEOPRO seed research support system.

It is within this framework that the sector is launching a call for expressions of interest (AMI) to collect research and development proposals. These proposals must contribute to 2 objectives: to implement, in the short and medium term, alternative solutions to Phosmet, and to reduce the parasitic pressure of autumn beetles in a sustainable manner, according to a systemic approach. An initial analysis by the Plan's coordination unit will allow the promoters to evaluate the interest of transforming their intention into a project proposal, to be submitted to the AAP.
Proposals oriented towards medium-term actions

The projects proposed to this call for proposals should focus on the production of operational outputs or, when relevant, the initiation of medium-term actions whose outputs will contribute to a sustainable protection of rapeseed against autumn pests.

Expressions of interest are expected in the attached format by 11 April 2022. They should be sent to: It is possible to contact the animation cell before this date via this e-mail address.

The PAA system financed by the Casdar will be opened soon by FranceAgriMer. The FASO and SELEOPRO schemes are already open. A first changeover for all the schemes will be organized in May 2022, in order to allow the instruction, the launching of the projects and the eligibility of the expenses as of the 2022 rapeseed campaign.

Please find attached the Call for Expression of Interest and the response form



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