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Exemption authorisation for MINECTO GOLD against larvae of the European flea beetle in oilseed rape

18 Sep 2023

MINECTO GOLD (s.a. cyantraniliprole) has just been granted a marketing authorisation under the 120-day derogation (art53 - REG 1107/2009) from 10 October to 31 December 2023.

As part of the phosmet phase-out action plan, , Terres Inovia and Terres Univia have joined forces for the second year running to provide growers with an operational solution for controlling autumn rapeseed pests in a context of reduced availability of treatment solutions and strong resistance to pyrethroids (Skdr mutation), in addition to all the tools of integrated protection. This is the "colza robuste (robust rapeseed)®" concept.

This derogation is limited to the regions of Grand-Est, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Ile-de-France, Centre-Val-de-Loire and the departments of Allier and Aisne. These are the regions concerned by the proven phenomena of strong resistance of the large flea beetle to pyrethroids.

MINECTO GOLD (cyantraniliprole 400 g/kg, AMM 2220766) has a cruciferous oilseed use *treatment of aerial parts* phytophagous beetles on oilseed rape and mustard only.

On oilseed rape, MINECTO GOLD is authorised as a single application (maximum 1 application per year) at a maximum use rate of 100 g/ha from BBCH16 (6 leaf stage of the rape) to BBCH19 (9 leaf stage or more).

On mustard, the conditions of use (number and stage of application) are different.

Main regulatory elements :

Application methods: berlèse test beforehand and reasoned intervention according to risk assessment using the Decision Support Tools available.

SPe 1: To protect groundwater, do not apply this product or any other product containing cyantraniliprole more than once every 3 years.
SPe 3: To protect aquatic organisms, an untreated zone of 20 m must be maintained in relation to water points, with a permanent untreated vegetation strip 20 m wide along the edge of water points.
SPe 3: To protect non-target arthropods, maintain an untreated zone 5 metres from the adjacent uncultivated area.
SPe 8: Dangerous for bees. To protect bees and other pollinating insects:

  • Do not use in the presence of bees
  • Do not apply during flowering or exudate production periods
  • Do not apply to foraging areas

Protection of residents and bystanders. Maintain a distance of at least 5 m between the spray boom and areas likely to be frequented by residents and areas frequented by people at the time of treatment.

What is the target for MINECTO GOLD in oilseed rape? The start of the exemption date is adapted to the mustard sector. In oilseed rape, and due to the authorisation of a single application, it is flea beetle larvae that are targeted, with the first berlèse tests being carried out at the beginning of November.​​​​

Terres Inovia's recommendations

​​​​​​​Insecticide application is a complementary control lever to the agronomic measures used to establish a robust rapeseed that is less susceptible to pests.

The MINECTO GOLD solution should be reserved for control of flea beetle larvae in regions where strong resistance to pyrethroids is widespread or increasing (Skdr mutation).

Application is made if necessary, after assessing the risk in the field, which depends on the rapeseed's growth dynamics and the number of larvae (Berlèse test). The OAD​​​​​​​ "Rapeseed - risk of flea beetle larvae " is freely available on the Terres Inovia website.

Where protection is required, it should be applied at the onset of winter, between November and early December.