Governance de Terres Inovia


Terres Inovia is run by a Board of Directors (BD) nominated by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Our interprofessional dimension is reflected in the composition of this board, which represents all the economic actors of the oil crop, protein crop and hemp sectors: producers, collecting organizations, merchants, seed producers, seed organizations, oil production plants, technical staff.

- This board is responsible for all decisions concerning the orientation of strategies, research and development.

- It votes to approve the annual budget supporting the activities of the organization and investment. It also controls these activities, with the support of:

- The Scientific Board, which issues opinions concerning research and development policy and validates the approaches proposed in the framework of programs of action.

All the members of the Scientific Board are external to Terres Inovia, and its president is a scientist from the public research sector, guaranteeing its independence. The members of the Scientific Board are mostly scientists from the public and parapublic domains, representatives of the oil, protein and hemp sectors, and economic actors from these sectors.