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The 2022 faba bean crop guide is available!

01 Jun 2022

A complete guide to help producers

guide féverole 2022 - terres inoviaOrganized into thirteen thematic chapters, this updated guide provides all the information you need on how to grow winter and spring faba beans: the most suitable varieties, choice of plot, plant cover before planting, fertilization, weeding, irrigation, regulators, harvesting and storage. Terres Inovia also highlights the means of controlling diseases and pests affecting faba beans in order to optimize the harvest.

How to get the growing guide?

The complete bean crop guide 2022 can be downloaded free of charge by anyone who has created a personal account on the Terres Inovia website :

download the guide

It can also be ordered online. The guide is free of charge; only a contribution to postage is required.

- Document à télécharger :