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Poultry research days: results of Cap Protéines' Valoaval project

26 Mar 2024

The 15th Journées de la Recherche Avicole (JRA) were held on 20 and 21 March, at which Justine Danel (Arvalis) and Patrick Carré (Terres Inovia) presented the results of joint work by the Arvalis, Itavi, Iterg and Terres Inovia institutes on the nutritional evaluation of innovative rapeseed and sunflower oilcakes as part of the Valoaval project under the Cap Protéines programme.


Patrick Carré, Strategic Scientific Expert
​​​​​​​(Seed Processing and Development Department) at Terres Inovia.
Credit: Isabelle de la Borde (Terres Inovia).

Producing oilcake from well-hulled and de-oiled seeds by double pressing with intermediate extrusion makes it possible to produce oilcake with better digestibility in broilers.

Compared with the protein digestibility of a standard rapeseed meal, which is around 73%, the experimental meals have digestibilities of 80 to 85%.

By removing the seed coat, there is virtually no loss of value in the meal, while the fibrous husk can be used separately.

Limiting CO2 emissions

The production of this oilcake could therefore be economically competitive and would significantly reduce the industry's carbon footprint, thanks to a less energy-intensive process than the conventional one and the possibility of creating smaller units, which would shorten the distances that the seeds and oilcake have to travel.

Compared with emissions from the conventional process, this model offers the prospect of cutting CO2 emissions by a factor of 3.

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