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Field visit to lupins, peas and beans (49)

03 Jun 2022

The field meeting, organized by Terres Inovia and FNAMS, gathered about thirty technicians and farmers around the lupin-pea-fava bean trials in Loire Authion.

Serge Brouet (FNAMS regional engineer), Anne Moussart (Terres Inovia plant pathologist) and Agathe Penant (Terres Inovia centre and west protein crop referent) co-hosted this half-day field session on specific topics depending on the crop:

  •     Lupin workshops: weed management, control of anthracnose and optimisation of fertilisation
  •     Pea and faba bean workshops: adapting sowing dates in the context of climate change, combating aphids to limit the impact of virus infection and disease management levers for faba bean

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