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A new experimental station in Guichainville

31 Mar 2022


Since last February, the Grignon experimentation station, located in the Yvelines, has moved a few dozen kilometers away, to Guichainville, in the Eure.

Under the responsibility of Jules Percheron, this station has chosen a privileged location, in the heart of an important rapeseed production basin and close to the farms where the institute's trials are conducted. "The station's test area is located in the west of the Yvelines, near Mantes-la-Jolie, on the border with the Eure department. It's a more practical geographical location than being based in Evreux, and it allows us to cover both the Ile-de-France and Normandy regions," explains Jules Percheron, the station manager.

This new site also allows the institute to be closer, geographically, to the farmers of Normandy, especially on rapeseed. "The Eure is one of the departments with the largest concentration of rapeseed producers," says Jules.

The new station has two separate sites. The offices are located in Guichainville, on the outskirts of Evreux, in the Maison agricole. Six kilometers away, in Gravigny, the station has a vast 280 m2 shed, located about 20 kilometers from the first trials.

The trials are carried out directly on the plots of the surrounding farmers, but also in partnership with the Chambers of Agriculture and the cooperatives. The program includes 83 experimental systems for the 2022 campaign, including follow-up and monitoring of farmers' plots, which will be conducted in the coming months on rapeseed, winter and spring peas, spring faba beans, sunflower, soybeans, lentils and spring lupins in the Eure region, as well as in the Yvelines.

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