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Terres Inovia certified Qualiopi

17 Jan 2022

In December 2021, Terres Inovia passed its exam to become a Qualiopi certified training organization. For three years, the institute will therefore have this quality reference for all its training courses.

What is Qualiopi ?

Qualiopi certification is the quality standard that has become mandatory for all training providers who wish to receive public funding.

Issued by a Cofrac-accredited organization, it is based on seven criteria:

  • The conditions for informing the public about the services offered (training sheets with all the details), the fees, the time limits for accessing them and the results obtained;
  • The identification of the objectives of the services and their adaptation to the different audiences, but also to the reception, follow-up and evaluation methods;
  • The adequacy of the pedagogical, technical and supervisory resources for the proposed services;
  • The qualification and development of the trainers' skills;
  • The inclusion and investment of the provider in its professional environment;
  • The collection and taking into account of the participants' appreciations and complaints.

What does Qualiopi bring to us ?

The implementation of Qualiopi has made it possible to review processes, to reinforce certain aspects such as the reception of disabled people, to complete our arsenal in the field (such as quizzes, a method of monitoring training) and to formalize certain aspects of the training offered with the teaching scenarios. "In the future, we will have to be more visible for our training courses. Qualiopi is an opportunity for Terres Inovia," says Christel Caro-Loudieu, head of continuous improvement, performance and safety.

A wide range of training courses applied in the field

For Terres Inovia, Qualiopi certification is the official recognition of training courses given by a wide range of experts with advanced technical skills to enable farmers and technicians to improve their cultivation practices. "During our training courses, participants will always benefit from up-to-date references in small groups. Our expert trainers are rooted in field issues, enabling them to acquire or strengthen directly operational skills to support farm performance, successfully lead change and co-construct tomorrow's solutions," explains Louis-Marie Allard, head of external training.

The topics cover all the fields of oilseeds and hemp: managing pea and faba bean diseases, the keys to adapting the technical itinerary for oilseed rape, combining oilseed rape with legumes, crop management in seed production, direct seeding under permanent cover, nitrogen fertilization, etc. "Terres Inovia's training offer is part of the classic services that have always been offered to transfer our expertise" explains Frédéric Fine, the institute's director of development.

What is the added value of Terres Inovia's training courses for oilseed crops? "A very wide range of courses and, for many of them, applied training, part of which takes place in the field. They take place in several locations, in order to be as close as possible to the production basins. "Farmers and technicians don't have to travel to Paris for two days to attend a classroom course, for example" says Frédéric Fine.

25 courses are currently offered in person. In 2021, they attracted no less than 350 participants.


Terres Inovia's five best-selling training courses

​​​​​1. direct seeding under permanent cover

2.combining rapeseed with legumes: management and benefits for the crop and the cropping system

3.success of the crop(s) around the adaptation of strategies

5.recognizing diseases


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