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First assessment of the innovative system: profitability to be improved

06 Dec 2021

While the results are positive in terms of reducing environmental impacts, the economic profitability is not always there, five years after the platform was set up. A reflection is underway to adjust the rotations in order to better adapt them to climate change and to the reality of the field.
The observation

"The innovative system is effective in some respects, but it does not give the expected results in terms of economic profitability and sustainable weed management," observes Matthieu Loos, the Terres Inovia development officer who monitors the platform.
A positive environmental impact...

The platform's innovative system has had a particularly positive effect on the environment: mineral nitrogen has been reduced by 40%, energy consumption has been reduced and greenhouse gases (GHG) have been reduced by 1/3 thanks to the inclusion of legumes in the rotation (lentils and winter peas).
Phytosanitary products (IFT) have also been reduced by 1/3 in the innovative system.
...but profitability below objectives

The economic performance is not up to par. "For diversification crops, the yield deteriorates after 2-3 years and lacks regularity. These crops are sensitive and the yield is variable.
On the other hand, the wheat that follows the sunflower gives good results on a more regular basis.
Adjusting the innovative system

Three systems studied

Following this first observation, a reflection is underway to adapt to the reality of the field.

Three systems are being studied:
-Integrate fodder alfalfa to break up the rotation in order to better control weeds, with a mowing planned three times a year;
-Alternating two spring crops in a row to effectively reduce grass pressure, while maintaining a certain share of "economically secure" crops such as wheat and rapeseed;
-Introduce organic effluents to improve soil fertility and improve the growth of the crops that will follow, especially rapeseed.

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