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Peas: discover the new seed quality sheet for the 2021 harvest

19 Jan 2022


What was the quality of protein pea seeds at harvest in 2021? The survey carried out by the technical institute for the interprofession Terres Univia gives complete results of the quality of the seeds at the collection, with the collaboration of the collecting organizations which proceeded to the supply of the samples.

Despite the late harvest, the quality of the seeds in 2021 is globally correct. The average protein content, at 22.7% of dry matter (DM), is 1.1 points higher than in 2020. Visual quality is average, with sprouted seeds in some lots and broken/split seeds. On the other hand, few are stained or attacked by insects and there are few impurities. According to this survey, all lots harvested in 2021 are suitable for animal feed and a large proportion can be used for human food. However, the market demand has often been faced with a lack of good quality lots for the human consumption market.

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