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Syppre Berry platform : the harvest report

07 Oct 2022

On the Syppre platform in Berry, delicate climatic conditions had an impact on the autumn crops. Globally, the campaign has allowed us to draw some lessons on the robustness of the crops.

The 2021/2022 campaign has thus shown :
- The impact of grass pressure in short rotations on winter cereals, as well as the rise and lack of control of certain broadleaf weeds in sunflower.
- The value of legumes on the nitrogen nutrition of the following crops: it has an impact on the nitrogen status of winter crops in the spring, and also on the nitrogen residue for spring crops, which makes it possible to limit mineral inputs.
- The effect of overcrowding in oilseed rape impacts the growth and biomass of the crop under water stress
- The effect of late sown spring crops such as millet on weediness allows false seeding and weed control.

Find the complete and detailed summary of the results of the 2021/2022 cropping systems campaign on the Syppre website