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New version of Myvar®: Terres Inovia innovates by offering an agronomic merit index in this variety selection tool

12 Jan 2023


Paris, January 12, 2023 - Terres Inovia unveils the new version of Myvar®, its free tool to help in the selection of oilseed and hemp varieties. 

This second version of Myvar®, developed within the framework of the Cap Protéines programme, now makes it possible, in addition to the functions previously available, to select the most suitable varieties for each production context via the implementation of an agronomic merit index. This new functionality is now available for sunflower. It will also be available next March for rapeseed, and soon for other crops grown by the Institute. The new Myvar®, which is more ergonomic and adapted to new online information methods, is accessible on


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Myvar®, the free varietal selection tool for oilseeds and hemp

Myvar® provides professionals with sheets for each variety, which bring together all the data available at Terres Inovia. Although the format of these sheets has been revised in this second edition of the tool, the content remains the same: identity elements, technological data, productivity, CTPS (Permanent Technical Committee for Plant Breeding) evaluation results, Terres Inovia's comments and classifications of the variety according to numerous criteria. Myvar® also offers a variety comparison module with new features. Finally, a new "News" section allows users to find annual summaries, new registrations and recommended lists.


Finding the most suitable varieties for the production context

Thanks to the developments carried out within the framework of the project "Evaluating and disseminating new high-protein legume and oilseed varieties" of the Cap Protéines programme, Myvar® can now be used to select the varieties best suited to each production context via the implementation of an agronomic merit index. 
Although the choice of variety is still based on yield, this is only the result of the behaviour of the variety throughout its cycle: soil and climate constraints, as well as the health context, can have a strong impact on production. Choosing varieties based on their agronomic profile as well as their yield potential is therefore essential. Myvar®, thanks to all this information, will facilitate the choice of planting for producers.


Agronomic merit index available on sunflower and soon on rapeseed

Based on some information requested from the user on the situation of the sunflower plot (department, soil quality, etc.), Terres Univia's engineers have assigned a weight to different criteria for which the varieties are characterised, such as earliness, behaviour with regard to broomrape or sunflower diseases. An agronomic merit score is thus calculated for each variety according to its profile for the various selected criteria. At the end of its use, the tool proposes a list of ten varieties best adapted to the production conditions with a graph to cross-reference the information relating to agronomic and yield indices; and a table summarising all the characteristics of the best adapted varieties. The user can also modify the weights given to the different criteria, in order to refine the choice according to the particular context and history of the plot. The tool then calculates new indices and allows the identification of the most suitable varieties for each context.

"Terres Inovia's engineers have designed a second, highly innovative and functional version of Myvar® as part of Cap Protéines. This tool will allow oilseed and hemp producers to be even better supported in the management of their crops. To date, the agronomic merit index is operational on sunflower and will soon be operational on rapeseed. This work is also underway on soya. The objective is to integrate an agronomic index for all species for which the Institute has sufficient criteria" says Gilles Robillard, President of Terres Inovia.


Discover the webinar presenting the new version of Myvar®.

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Myvar® in a few numbers

661 varieties

18 crops: winter, spring and special profile rapeseed (oleic, erucic), linoleic and oleic sunflower, soybeans, winter and spring flax, winter peas, yellow and green spring peas, winter and spring faba beans, chickpeas, lentils, winter and spring lupin, hemp

Tens of thousands of data

18 years is the age of the tool; the first version of Myvar® went online in 2014, having succeeded oléov@r created in 2005.



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