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New in the Myvar® decision-support tool: the agronomic merit index helps choose the rapeseed varieties best suited to each production context.

01 Jun 2023

Terres Inovia is helping growers choose their rapeseed variety by offering them an agronomic merit index in Myvar®, the free tool for choosing oilseed and hemp varieties.
Thanks to this feature, developed as part of the Cap Protéines program and already available for sunflower varieties, rapeseed growers now have a global approach that takes agronomic criteria into account and identifies the varieties best suited to each pedoclimatic and sanitary situation. Myvar® is freely available on



Choosing the right rapeseed variety with the agronomic merit index

Fall planting vigor and pest and disease resistance are agronomic criteria that must be taken into account when choosing a rapeseed variety. Thanks to developments carried out as part of the "Evaluating and distributing new high-protein legume and oilseed varieties" project of the Cap Protéines program, Terres Inovia is able to offer a global approach to identify the varieties with the best agronomic behavior for each production context. The institute has adopted a scoring method to perfect Myvar®, and has adapted it to rapeseed after having used it for sunflower.

Based on the expertise of the technical institute's engineers, a weighting was given to the different criteria for which rapeseed varieties are characterized. On the Myvar® interface, each user can determine the characteristics that seem most important to them, by also entering the history of the plot, its location, etc. Some criteria are eliminatory, such as tolerance to clubroot or behavior to broomrape in the sectors concerned. Others can be weighted according to the risks associated with the management or the plot. The tool then calculates an agronomic merit score against which the estimated yield data are positioned. The decision-support tool then displays a list of the ten rapeseed varieties best suited to the given context, ranked according to the combined result of yield and agronomic merit.

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Agronomic merit index soon available for soybeans

Terres Inovia is currently working on making the agronomic merit index for soybean available within Myvar®. The long-term objective is to be able to integrate an agronomic index into the tool for all species for which the institute has sufficient criteria.

Myvar®, the reference tool for varietal selection

An essential decision-making tool for optimizing variety selection for rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, linseed, hemp, pea, faba bean, lentil and chickpea crops, Myvar® was given a facelift in early 2023. Free of charge and responsive, Myvar® provides oilseed growers with variety sheets that bring together identity details, technological data, productivity and CTPS evaluation results, Terres Inovia comments and classifications according to numerous criteria. Myvar® also offers a variety comparison module, as well as Terres Inovia's annual summaries, information on new registrations and recommended lists.