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Protein sources on the agenda at the Sommet de l'élevage

12 Oct 2022

This year's Sommet de l'élevage brought together 105,000 visitors and more than 1500 exhibitors. During this major event for livestock farmers, Terres Inovia participated in a conference on "Protein sources from France", organized by the IFIP (Institut du Porc) and the Interporc-Rhone-Alpes and Interporc Auvergne-Limousin.

Protein-rich raw materials essential for breeding

After reaching record highs in the spring, the raw materials market eased slightly in the fall, but remains extremely volatile. At the same time, expectations are increasing with regard to feed, and in particular protein sources: local origin, GMO-free, deforestation-free... In this context, the French supply of protein-rich raw materials is essential for livestock farming.

Isabelle De La Borde, development engineer for the transfer and valorization of seeds at Terres Inovia, was able to recall the important contribution of the metropolitan production of oilcake in animal feed through its crushing tools. The use of these cakes is now well known and controlled. However, research continues to be carried out in order to improve the protein concentration by working on the dehulling of the seeds, the mechanical extraction of the oil and the control of heat treatments.

In addition, Terres Inovia's expert participated in a day of Cap Protéines conferences, organized by the Institut de l'élevage (Idele), where she was able to present statistical data on production.

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