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The regionalized recommended lists of rapeseed varieties for 2022 are available !

09 Jun 2022

listes recommandées colza 2022 - terres inovia​​​​​​​​​​​Terres Inovia offers you its regionalized recommended lists of rapeseed varieties to help you make or confirm your varietal choice for the 2022 sowing season.

These lists are based on the results of post-registration trials conducted by Terres Inovia and its partners in 2021 and earlier. Only varieties made available to Terres Inovia by their representatives, as part of their post-registration evaluation, are taken into account.

The varieties selected in the lists meet a minimum yield level.
In total, you will find in the online document the recommended varieties for each region:

  •     according to the main agronomic criteria of interest (sensitivity to phoma, elongation and lodging)
  • with agronomic precautions for certain varieties.

Specific advice for particular production contexts is also proposed: line varieties, cruciferous clubroot, stalk borer, flea beetle, trap plant, TuYV virus.

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