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The ÉCOLÉO project nominated for the ITAINNOV competition

18 Jan 2022

As it does every year, the ITAINNOV competition aims to promote the work of researchers, professionals and engineers from agricultural and agri-food technical institutes by rewarding the best initiatives.

Organised by Acta and Actia, this competition has just announced the 12 nominees from among 30 proposed applications. They were selected on the basis of scientific and technical criteria, but also on the basis of the development potential and impact of the innovation in terms of the environment, economy, society, health safety and quality in four categories:
-Environment, biodiversity and climate
-Economic and societal performance
-Health safety, plant and animal health
-Label and product quality


ÉCOLÉO, a sustainable and healthy solvent for extracting vegetable oils

ÉCOLÉO is one of the projects nominated in the Environment, Biodiversity and Climate category. This project is led by Terres Inovia and coordinated by Patrick Carré, an expert on transformation processes at the institute.

This project led the Pennakem company to propose a new extraction solvent for vegetable oils, which is more environmentally friendly, but also healthier for human consumption. Born ten years ago, it was the subject of a thesis with the University of Avignon, the result of which was to show the interest of 2-methyloxolane as a substitute solvent.
Its characteristics? It is biosourced (i.e. produced from agricultural waste) and studies show that it is not carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic. Biodegradable and healthy for the consumer, this solvent must be approved by the European authorities as a "green" solvent.
Within this approach, Terres Inovia was able to identify a problem from the primary processing sector.

Special public prize: vote for the ÉCOLÉO project !

In addition to its participation in the Environment, Biodiversity and Climate category, the ECOLEO project will also compete, like all the nominees, for the special public award.

Indeed, for the first time this year, internet users will be able to vote for the project of their choice, based on the positive impact of the innovation and its contribution to safe, healthy and sustainable food and farming.

From 15 January until 1 March, all Internet users will be able to view the videos presenting the 12 projects on the ITAINNOV website, under the heading View the videos. All they have to do is click on "I like" directly on the video. The trophies (one per category) will be awarded on 2 March, during the International Agricultural Show.

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​​​​​​​The ECOLEO project was carried out with ITERG, the University of Avignon, Eco Extraction and Pennakem (and with the support of Saipol).