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The petal kit: a simple and effective method to assess sclerotinia risk

07 Feb 2022

If you are afraid of having sclerotinia on your rapeseed plots, the Petal Kit, proposed by Terres Inovia, is a simple and efficient way to assess this risk.

Commander le kit pétales de Terres Inovia pour test sclérotinia sur colza

The petal kit, to be used at the beginning of flowering

Sclerotinia infects rapeseed through petals. But how to know if a rapeseed plant is likely to be contaminated by sclerotinia or not? Terres Inovia's Petal Kit tool can be used to determine the percentage of flowers contaminated by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum at the beginning of the rapeseed flowering. It is also a good indicator to evaluate the infectious potential of one's plot towards this disease.

Sclerotinia: is it necessary to carry out a fungicide treatment?

Petal kit, instructions for use

The petal kit is easy to use; it only takes a few minutes. In addition, detailed instructions for the different steps are provided. To use the petal kit developed by the institute, you just have to take 40 flowers in a plot of rapeseed at F1 stage. The flowers must then be placed in 10 Petri dishes, at a rate of 4 flowers per dish. These dishes contain a specific purple culture medium. They will then have to be stored in a temperate place (approximately 20°C) during 4 to 5 days. Then, it is very easy to interpret this test: if the culture medium (originally purple) turns yellow around the flowers, the rape is contaminated by sclerotinia.

Chronology of the steps of the petal kit

Chronologie des étapes du Kit pétales de Terres Inovia

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