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The 2022 organic and conventional lupin growing guide is available

02 Dec 2022

Terres Inovia has updated and enriched its guide to growing winter and spring sweet white lupin in organic and conventional farming. This excellent rotation head, adapted to acid soils, has nutritional characteristics sought after in human and animal nutrition, with one of the highest protein contents among seed legumes.

The 2022 organic and conventional lupin growing guide

Organised into nine thematic chapters, this guide provides all the information you need to know about growing winter and spring lupins, both organically and conventionally: varieties, inoculation, establishment, fertilisation, weeding, harvesting and storage. The guide presents the advantages of this key crop, which contributes to plant protein sovereignty, and reviews the means of controlling the diseases and pests that affect it.
The 2022 edition specifies in particular the operational costs and gross margins of the crop, the nutritional value of the main protein seeds and the rates of incorporation into different rations. It also develops the management of organic lupins, in particular the levers for controlling weeds.

​​​​​​​How to get it?

The 2022 winter and spring sweet white lupin growing guide can be downloaded free of charge in its entirety by anyone who has created a personal account on the Terres Inovia website:​​​​​​​
Order the guide

It can also be ordered online. The guide is free of charge; only a contribution to postage is required


Feet in the fields: farmers reveal their assets and techniques on diversification crops

After soybean, the web series Les pieds dans les champs is now focusing on diversification crops. Since 15 November, five new farmer testimonies have been broadcast on Terres Inovia's YouTube channel on the following topics: lupin, an excellent head of rotation; organic lentils, a very good outlet for human food; flax, a crop with few pests and predators; chickpeas, a good yield, especially in organic farming; hemp, an easy crop with promising outlets.

Launched in 2021, this web series offers an immersion in the plots of a farmer who explains, in the course of a discussion, how he grows his crop, the difficulties he faces and the agronomic levers and practices he uses. This interview is completed by a technical analysis from a Terres Inovia expert.

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