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The 2022 oilseed flax growing guide is available

04 Oct 2022

Terres Inovia has updated its winter and spring oilseed flax growing guide. With little susceptibility to pests and an excellent precedent for straw cereals, and recognised for its nutritional qualities, flax can count on its many agronomic, economic and environmental advantages.

Organised into 13 thematic chapters, this updated guide provides all the information you need on the management of winter and spring oilseed flax, from variety selection to harvesting. Terres Inovia has completely updated its advice and references on varieties, sowing and crop protection.

To take into account the regulatory changes concerning inputs, the Institute's recommendations on chemical control have been thoroughly modified and include residue management.

How to get them?

The oilseed flax 2022 growing guide can be downloaded free of charge in its entirety by anyone who has created a personal account on the Terres Inovia website

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It can also be ordered online.
The guide is free of charge; only a contribution to postage is required.




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