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Launch of the "Phosmet Exit Action Plan" 2023 call for projects

10 Mar 2023

For several years, oilseed rape has been regularly subjected to summer drought and to strong pressure from beetle pests in autumn - winter flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) and terminal bud weevil (Ceutorhynchus picitarsis) - which can show strong resistance to pyrethroid insecticides.

The non-reregistration of phosmet in 2022 at the European level, the last effective chemical solution in rapeseed in areas with strong resistance to pyrethroids, increases the risk for French farmers in the management of their crop.

An action plan to find alternative solutions to phosmet

In this context, the main actors of the rapeseed sector, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, have come together to implement operational alternative strategies to phosmet withdrawal to reduce attacks and the nuisance of fall rapeseed pests.

Since September 2022, the Phosmet Phase-out Action Plan has brought together 8 projects led by 26 partners from public and private research and agricultural development.

Given the importance of this plan for the rapeseed industry, Sofiproteol is providing support of 200,000 euros per year over 3 years, through the FASO interprofessional fund, to continue the development of innovative and operational solutions in addition to the initial action plan financed by the Special Allocation Account for Agricultural and Rural Development (CASDAR).
What are the rules and priority themes for the 2023 call for projects?

The call for projects "Phosmet Exit Action Plan" 2023 will continue to support projects on fall pests of rapeseed, conducted on actions in favor of public-private partnerships, and on test and demonstration actions for commercialization by one or several private actors.

The priority themes and the rules of this call for projects are presented in the attachment (AAP Plan sortie phosmet 2023 - FASO - Sofiproteol).

The mobilization of complementary windows for the financing of projects in order to accelerate the development of solutions is encouraged. The projects submitted to this call for proposals, and responding to the issues at stake, will be able to benefit from assistance in identifying the most suitable funding window(s).

To facilitate the submission of projects, project leaders are strongly encouraged to submit a project summary by April 15, 2023.

The complete projects must be sent by June 1st, 2023 at the latest and according to the model provided here (see attachment : Application file - AAP Plan phosmet 2023 - FASO - Sofiproteol).

For any questions regarding the submission of projects and the sending of application files, please contact

Laurine Brillault
Coordinator of the Phosmet Output Plan, TERRES INOVIA
Tel : 06-66-70-34-96
Email :

Raphaëlle Senio-Girerd
Director of Innovation and Sectors, SOFIPROTEOL
Tel: 06-45-03-06-33




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