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Innovating for more competitive lentil and chickpea crops

18 Dec 2023

Choosing high-performance, adapted varieties is a crucial lever for improving the competitiveness of lentil and chickpea crops. How can we improve current varieties and create new ones that can adapt to different soil and climate conditions and are more resistant to pests and diseases? Watch the dedicated TI Thursday.

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To address this issue of the competitiveness of lentil and chickpea crops, Terres Inovia has entered into a research partnership with Icarda and three French breeders (Agri-Obtentions SA, Pro'Pulse and Semences de Provence) to improve genetic knowledge and increase the genetic diversity available in France.

A webinar was devoted to this theme. In this TI Thursday, Claire Barbet-Massin, Terres Inovia's research officer for grain legume genetics, presents the objectives of this research agreement, the results of the first year of evaluation and points to watch when creating new chickpea and lentil varieties.


Claire Barbet-Massin previously spoke at the​​​​ Tech&Bio trade fair.​​​​​​​

Contact : C. Barbet-Massin,

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