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Ideathon - Nurturing creativity: young people as a core target

08 Apr 2022

During the collective intelligence competition called Idéathon - Nourrir la créativité (Feeding Creativity) at the end of March, 32 competitors were divided equally between the two branches in Lille and Dijon. They gave free rein to their individual and collective creativity to design and propose innovative ideas around plant proteins in human nutrition.

Wednesday 30 March saw the first edition of Idéathon on the theme of plant proteins for human consumption. The event, co-organised by Terres Inovia and Terres Univia, welcomed 32 participants, i.e. 4 teams of 4 competitors on each of the two sites of Lille and Dijon. Two quartets were crowned winners and an additional group was selected!

The two leading teams had the particularity of having targeted the same audience without even consulting each other: young people. And both teams included a Terres Inovia employee: Sylvie Dauguet (in charge of oilseed and protein crop development studies in Pessac) in Dijon and Vincent Jauvion (head of the Ardon laboratory) in Lille.

T'es chiche, the triumphant team in Dijon

The aim of this project is to set up an educational and creative programme to raise awareness among children about eating legumes. The team chose them as a target group because their education - especially in schools - has a strong influence on their eating habits and those of the people around them. "The teams were formed on the spot by the facilitator after a few activities through which we all got to know each other," says Sylvie Dauguet.

Légumineusement bon, the winning team in Lille

A playful scheme aims to raise awareness of legume consumption among the younger generation. Children are key influencers in reaching the whole family. Vincent Jauvion looks back on this unique experience: "The dynamic within my team was great; I was with a student and two employees. We were four people who complemented each other very well. We really believed in our idea. It was really collective intelligence."

Pousse plus, the "coup-de-coeur" team in Dijon

This programme aims to facilitate the consumption of sprouted legumes for a more balanced daily diet.

In total, twelve people will benefit from support, including a one-hour feasibility study of their respective projects during the month of April.