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War in Ukraine : the Research and Innovation institutions propose help to Ukrainian researchers

11 Mar 2022

The war in Ukraine, the world leader in sunflower production, is of direct concern to the whole sunflower research and innovation community, and more widely research in agronomy and oilseed crops. We regularly meet with colleagues from Ukraine, scientists and agronomists, in congresses and events such as those of ISA and GCIRC or in the framework of collaborative projects.

Faced with the situation, some national institutions and members of the research and innovation associations are mobilising to offer assistance to Ukrainian researchers and possibly their families by hosting them at least temporarily.

In France, INRAE welcomes Ukrainian scientists who wish to come to its laboratories with the help of the PAUSE programme. An emergency fund will help the researcher and its family for 3 months before applying to the PAUSE program. Hosting will be possible notably at INRAE Toulouse, major centre for sunflower research and at AgroParisTech (Paris-Versailles). Terres Inovia can also provide additional support to visiting Ukrainian scholars in these institutions.  (contact: e.pilorge(at)

In Spain : the Spanish National Research Council or CSIC has launched an initiative to host researchers holding a PhD degree in the different research centres located in Spain. Among these centres, the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture is focused on agricultural research, notably on sunflower, and can host researchers with expertise in this research area. it can offer between 3 months and 2 year duration contracts to women of any age and men older than 60, since they are allowed to leave Ukraine. Researchers that, holding a PhD degree, have expertise in research areas different of agriculture can also send CVs and the CSIC will try that they join any other of its research centres.

Some members of ISA in Ukraine's neighbouring countries are already active in hosting their Ukrainian colleagues and their families who have communicated their need and ISA will help in receiving assistance needs, organizing contacts with assistance and diffusing offers from institutions as well as private members on its website, and adapt its support to situations. Do not hesitate to send us assistance offers or needs.

Contact : contact(at)  or e.pilorge(at)