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ÉCOLÉO, a sustainable and healthy solvent for extracting vegetable oils

23 Feb 2022

In order to be used for food and feed, vegetable oils undergo a transformation process. This process can have an impact on the environment. The ÉCOLÉO project has identified an extraction product made from agricultural plant waste.
Improved oil extraction

Conventional solvent is made from a non-renewable fossil resource that is destined to be eliminated because of its defects. Other extraction methods, such as pressing, have an insufficient oil yield and are not competitive. As for CO2 extraction, it avoids toxic chemicals, but it is costly and difficult to implement.

The ÉCOLÉO project uses the results of a thesis carried out at the University of Avignon and demonstrating the properties of 2-methyloxolane, EcoXtract®. This solvent allows for an oil recovery of more than 98%, as well as a 90% reduction in the carbon footprint of the solvent, and therefore a purer and healthier final product.
Bio-based and made from agricultural waste

Methyoxolane is a 100% biobased liquid, made from sugarcane bagasse (or other hemicellulose-rich streams like rice husks or almond shells). It does not compete with food. CO2 emissions are 10 times lower than the petrochemical reference.
A progress for health safety

Non-toxic, methyloxolane is 10 times safer for consumers and 20 times safer for production workers than the conventional petrochemical solvent.
Progress for the operator

The oilcake produced is fully degreased, intact and stable, with no unwanted shear stress and no oil retention (as with pressure extraction).
EcoXtract® is also approved for COSMOS-certified cosmetics, allowing for the development of creative new ingredients, such as oils and oleoresins, for premium organic products.

In addition to its participation in the Environment, Biodiversity and Climate category, the ECOLEO project will also compete, like all the nominees, for the special public award.
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