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Discover the latest issue of Arvalis & Terres Inovia infos

24 May 2022

The June 2022 issue of Arvalis & Terres Inovia infos has just been published.

Read it in the four regional editions (North, South, West, Centre):

  • Phosmet phase-out plan: producing oilseed rape in 2023, the new deal
  • Rape planting: optimising intercropping management
  • Winter oilseed rape: varieties evaluated by Terres Inovia
  • A new approach to oilseed rape planting: Terres Inovia evaluates the varieties of oilseed rape evaluated by Terres Inovia
  • Oilseed rape nitrogen fertilization: ensuring dynamic growth in autumn

Consult and download the four regional editions of Arvalis & Terres Inovia infos of June 2022 below.

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