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"Cap Protéines Challenge", the student competition to innovate with plant proteins !

23 Sep 2021

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​​"Cap Protéines Challenge", the student competition to innovate with plant proteins
Ten schools are already on the starting line!

Respond to the food transition with local, sustainable and diversified products

Paris, September 22, 2021 - Good news for students motivated by innovation around plant proteins! Organized within the framework of the Cap Protéines program, the "Cap Protéines Challenge" competition will allow them to propose ideas from the farm to the fork. It will offer the selected teams mentoring by an expert from one of the partner technical centers and the winner will receive support to bring his or her project to fruition.

Terres Inovia and Terres Univia, in partnership with the CTCPA, Iterg, Fondation Avril, Acta, Actia and Manger du Sens, are launching the Cap Protéines Challenge. Organized within the framework of the project "Responding to the food transition with local, sustainable and diversified products" of the Cap Protéines program, this ideation contest is aimed at students from all fields of study and a dozen schools have already expressed their interest: AgroSup Dijon, ENSAIA Nancy, SUPAGRO Montpellier, IPA Université d'Avignon, Polytech Marseille, ENSCPB Bordeaux, ONIRIS - Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l'Alimentation Nantes Atlantique (National School of Veterinary, Food and Nutrition), ESIROI - Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Réunion Océan Indien (Higher School of Engineering Reunion Island), Bordeaux Sciences Agro and the Institut Paul Bocuse.

A challenge for the entire value chain

The specifications of the Cap Protéines Challenge give the students the mission to propose innovative ideas and concepts in order to respond to the food transition, to improve the quality and quantity of the national production of protein-rich crops and to democratize their use in human food. From the fork to the plate, all the links in the value chain are targeted. Farmers, processors, consumers... The approach will be global.

"Pulses are key crops for our food sovereignty. The Cap Protéines Challenge is a great opportunity to encourage innovation and support promising projects. Terres Univia is fully committed to this new Cap Protéines initiative, because attracting tomorrow's students and entrepreneurs to work on legumes is one of the levers for increasing the area under legume crops by 40% by 2024," notes Antoine Henrion, farmer and president of Terres Univia.

Developing innovative solutions around plant proteins, bringing out new ideas and new ways of consumption, training and supporting students... the Cap Protéines Challenge accompanies the food of tomorrow. This is why the CTCPA, as a technical center for the food industry, is proud to be its partner", explains Stéphane George, Head of the emergence and follow-up of collaborative programs at the CTCPA.

In practice

The Cap Protéines Challenge was officially launched by a webinar on September 21, 2021 at the CTCPA in Avignon. Frédéric Fine, Business Development Director at Terres Inovia, Marie Dubot, Innovation Officer at Terres Univia, Stéphane George, Head of Open Innovation and Emergence of Strategic Projects at the CTCPA, Jean David Leao, Head of Collective Research at Iterg, and Freddy Thiburce, Managing Partner of Manger du sens, explained the context, the stakes and the expectations of the plant protein challenge as well as the rules of the competition. This event was recorded to be accessible in replay on the platform Manger du Sens and on YouTube. Participants will have to submit their projects on the Manger du Sens platform before November 9 and will be invited to present their work on November 30, 2021, before the organizing jury, which will select 4 to 6 projects. Once the results are announced, the shortlisted teams will enter the second phase of the challenge and will be mentored by an expert from one of the partner technical centers, Terres Inovia, CTCPA and Iterg. The second part of the competition will end on April 25, 2022, when the final projects will be submitted.
An official award ceremony will be organized on May 12, 2022 in the presence of personalities and experts of the sector. The winning project of the Cap Protéines Challenge will be awarded a check of 3000 € and a support by a technical center of the sector to concretize the project.

About Cap Protéines

Cap Protéines is the research, development, innovation and transfer program of the Protein Plan launched by the public authorities as part of the France Recovery Plan. Led by Terres Inovia and the Institut de l'élevage, it mobilizes more than 200 technical partners, 100,000 oilseed producers and more than 100,000 ruminant breeders in 2021 and 2022 and has a budget of €55.5 million. This program is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food as part of the France Relance plan and Terres Univia.​​​​​​​

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About Terres Inovia
Terres Inovia is the technical institute for professionals in the vegetable oil and protein and hemp sectors. Its mission is to improve the competitiveness of oilseeds, protein crops and industrial hemp by adapting production and product development to the economic context and societal demands. Terres Inovia is part of the Acta network - Agricultural technical institutes.
Terres Inovia is part of the Acta network - Agricultural technical institutes

About Terres Univia
Terres Univia is the interprofession of vegetable oils and proteins. It brings together the main professional associations and federations involved in the production, marketing, processing and use of oilseeds and protein-rich plants. Its missions: knowledge of production and markets, promotion of the sector and its products, management of quality systems, support for R&D actions, organization of professional practices and dissemination of its knowledge to professionals.

About the CTCPA
The CTCPA, technical center for the food industry, supports companies in the sector (from start-ups to large groups) in the fields of product quality and food safety, product and process development, industrial and environmental performance and packaging. The CTCPA provides tailor-made support in the form of audits, consultancy and studies, laboratory analyses, trials and pre-production runs in its technology halls and also through training courses.​​

About Iterg
Iterg is the CTI of the vegetable oil and protein producing industries. It participates in the development of the fats and related products industries: fats, vegetable oils and oil co-products, vegetable proteins and minor compounds derived from these products. Iterg is part of the Actia network and is labelled ITAI - Institut technique Agro-Industriel. ​​​​​​​

About The Avril Foundation
The Avril Foundation is part of a desire to act and get involved in rural areas in France and in Africa, by pursuing missions of general interest. In France, the Fondation Avril supports the transition of agriculture towards models that create sustainable economic, social and environmental value and also intervenes in the territories to promote healthy and sustainable food for all. In Africa, it wishes to contribute to its autonomy in proteins, which involves active support for the structuring of sectors and support for agroecological initiatives that promote cultivated biodiversity and soil preservation.

About Acta
Acta - les instituts techniques agricoles leads and represents the network of 18 agricultural technical institutes (ITA), professional tools for applied research and technology transfer to promote their unique know-how in France and internationally. Its purpose is to connect people and knowledge to accelerate the emergence of
innovation and improve the competitiveness of agricultural, forestry and agro-industrial sectors in conventional, organic and sustainable agriculture. .

About Actia
National coordination structure, Actia federates the activities of the technical institutes of the agri-food industry, as well as the partner centers, interface and technical, whose 1200 researchers, engineers and technicians accompany daily the companies, in particular the SME. With more than 80 sites in France, Actia centers intervene in all sectors of the food industry, as well as on non-food valuations of agricultural products (biotechnology, fine chemistry, cosmetics, pharmacy). Actia stimulates and catalyzes this unique network of development, transfer, information and training by bringing into play in synergy the know-how and the complementarities of each

À propos de Manger du Sens
The 1st collaborative platform for food transition, at the forefront of web technologies and collective intelligence, to help food brands and their organizations deploy transformation, innovation and communication strategies with positive impact. We facilitate "conversational" interactions with consumers and stakeholders in the form of collaborative debates or online creative challenges (e.g. Startup Competition, Student Challenge, Innovation Ecosystem Animation...) ​​​​​​​

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