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Sunflower season 2022 - Growing guide and lists of recommended varieties are available!

20 Jan 2022

Press release


Terres Inovia has updated its growing guide and lists of recommended varieties for the 2022 sunflower season. For a successful crop, careful planting, a relevant choice of variety, irrigation management and rational control of diseases and pests are essential.

A comprehensive guide to support producers

Organised into 10 thematic chapters, this updated guide provides all the information you need on how to grow sunflowers: from the choice of varieties to harvesting and storage, including planting, irrigation, fertilisation and weeding. There is also advice on how to control the pests and diseases that affect sunflowers. In this 2022 edition, you will discover Terres Inovia's new recommendations on downy mildew in order to be as close as possible to the situation in the field, as well as an update of the products for weed control. Also to be noted is an evolution of the regulations for slug control products and a completely revised table.

Download the guide

How to get the growing guide ?

The entire sunflower 2022 growing guide can be downloaded free of charge by anyone who has created a personal account on the Terres Inovia website. It can also be ordered online. The guide is free of charge; only a contribution to postage costs is requested.

Download the guide

Sunflower varieties: the recommended lists for the 2022 sowing season are online on myVar®.

Faced with a complex choice of varieties, Terres Inovia offers regional advice in the form of lists of recommended varieties. These lists include the latest varieties evaluated by Terres Inovia in 2021. They are available online on myVar® :

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