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2022-2023 rapeseed season: the growing guide is available!

15 Jun 2022

While climatic hazards punctuate the campaigns and autumn beetles are exerting very strong pressure, rapeseed cultivation can be successful, provided that the right technical levers are used. Terres Inovia publishes its latest advice in the 2022 edition of the rapeseed guide.

A complete guide to help producers

guide colza 2022

From the choice of the most suitable varieties to harvesting, the rapeseed growing guide provides practical operational advice at each stage of the technical itinerary. In its 2022 edition, it helps growers to establish a robust rapeseed that is resilient to climatic constraints and autumn pests, by preparing the soil as soon as the previous crop is harvested, a reasonable sowing date, appropriate fertilisation and, if necessary, the establishment of an associated cover crop. As every year, the references on available varieties, weed control, pest and disease control have been completely updated.

How to get the growing guide?

The rapeseed 2022 growing guide can be downloaded free of charge in its entirety by anyone who has created a personal account :

Crop guide 2022

It can also be ordered online. The guide is free of charge; only a contribution to postage costs is required.