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Lentil bruchid in France: contributions to the bio-ecological knowledge of the pest

18 Jan 2023

As part of the 5th entomological biodiversity seminar of the Oise in 2021, the Laboratoire d'éco-entomologie d'Orléans gave a presentation on the bio-ecological knowledge of the lentil bruchid in France (Bruchus signaticornis).

The publication associated with this presentation has just appeared in the Seminar Proceedings and is freely available. Gwénola Riquet and Laurent Ruck, from Terres Inovia, had been asked to participate.


Bruchinae are beetles of the subfamily Bruchinae. These species are known to be pests of legumes (Fabaceae). Bruchus signaticornis is the main species causing damage to cultivated lentils in France. This study, carried out over three years in six French production basins, concerns individuals intercepted by the use of Malaise tents. It provides information on the evolution of adults in plots. The colonisation phase and the start of mating take place before the crop starts to flower. Males are in the majority before this phenological stage of the host plant, and are then no longer intercepted. The females become the majority after this stage, during which time they search for favourable oviposition sites.


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