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Crop analysis and near infrared: what needs for the sector?

12 Dec 2022

As part of the Cap Protéines programme, and in particular the project entitled "Responding to the food transition with local, sustainable and diversified products", the Ardon laboratory (45) conducted a survey on near infrared and the needs of the sector in terms of crop analysis (in photo, the infrared spectrometer in use). The aim is to provide tools to promote the use of plant proteins and innovation by the agri-food industry.

The answers obtained from the form sent are presented in the document attached below. Nevertheless, here are the first conclusions given by Sylvain Tréguier:

"Despite the low volume of responses, the profile of participants seems fairly representative of the sector's activity. On the analytical side, all cases seem to be present, whether for reference or rapid analyses. Some of the participants are therefore interested in, or even already have knowledge of, rapid analysis methods. The crops and criteria that arouse their interest are mostly very classical (oil and proteins on the most widespread oilseeds and wheat), although some more specific answers stand out.

Some weaknesses of the questionnaire were highlighted by these returns, such as the numerical estimates (unusable because of the heterogeneity of the answers) and a potential bias towards reference analyses (described as 'authoritative', implying that this is never the case with rapid methods)."

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