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Rencontre SymBIOse Grandes Cultures 2021

01 oct. 2021

The first Symbi'Ose technical day took place on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at the Lycée Labrosse in Auxerre with just under 150 participants.
This day, co-organized by Terres Inovia, Arvalis and its partners*, aimed at discussing field crops in organic agriculture.

After the introduction of the day by Gilles Robillard (president of Terres Inovia), the topics discussed during the morning session in the hall were based on two main themes.
The evolution of field crop sectors and markets and soil fertility in AB
(Autonomy of field crop systems without livestock, reduced tillage and cover crops in AB: what are the avenues for reflection?)

The afternoon was devoted to the field with three practical workshops
Workshop 1: Tools to evaluate the state of the soil
Workshop 2: Presentation and interests of plant cover in AB
Workshop 3: Comparison of different equipment for destroying cover crops​​​​​​​

*Biobourgogne, Chambre d’agriculture de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Chambre d’agriculture de l’Yonne, CERFrance, COCEBI, Dijon Céréales, LIDEA, SeineYonne, Soufflet Agriculture, Terres Univia

Links to contents :

Organic field crop sectors and markets, latest developments
Focus on the development of organic field crops in Burgundy-Franche Comté
Organic field crops: where does the good performance come from?
Autonomy of field crop systems without livestock - experience of the Boigneville farm (91)
Farmers' Round Table "Reduction of tillage and introduction of cover crops in AB: what avenues for reflection?"

Posters :

What are the important indicators in a soil analysis in organic agriculture?
Cover crop destruction, the key steps to choose the most appropriate method!
How to integrate plant cover crops in organic farming rotations?
Soil fertility : how to evaluate it ?
Earthworms: physical engineers of the soil