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Réunion PROLEOBIO 2019 - Rennes (35)

29 mars 2019

Réunion PROLEOBIO 2019 - Rennes (35)

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Communiqué de presse : "Développer les légumineuses en Occitanie : Co-construction d'une filière régionale pour un modèle agricole rentable, durable et responsable"

07 février 2019

Toulouse, le 7 février 2019 - Azuki, kabuli, fèves, pois, lentilles, etc., elles sont vertes, rouges(...)

Communiqué de presse : "Le guide de culture tournesol 2019 est disponible !"

29 janvier 2019

Paris, le 29 janvier 2019 - Terres Inovia publie son nouveau guide du culture tournesol. Outil préci(...)

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About Terres Inovia

Terres Inovia
As the technical center for oilseed crops, grain legumes and industrial hemp
, Terres Inovia is in charge of research and development for the professionnals of Terres OléoPro, the the sector of vegetable oils and proteins, and of Interchanvre, the hemp sector.



Terres Inovia's mission is to improve the economic competitiveness of oilseed, grain legumes and hemp crops through technical means, by adapting production to the economical context, the regulatory requirements and demands of society. Its programs aim to optimize grain production, to value the products and diversify outlets. It is part of a dynamic interprofession, whose goal is to promote the final products of the sector: oil, cakes grain and fibre.

The main crops involved are rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, linseed, pea, field bean, lupin and industrial hemp.


Studies and foresights

At the end of 2013, Terres Inovia launched a foresight exercise with a 15-year horizon (2030) to encourage professionals of the French plant oil and protein sectors to consider the following issues: tomorrow’s end uses for French plant oil and protein production, areas of growth for the oil-protein sector in France and Europe, and the possible consequences of these developments for the actors of the French oil-protein sector, from the breeding of new varieties of crop plants to the transformation of crop products and their marketing.

Read more.

"Foresight for plant oils and proteins 2030" synthesis (PDF 6 Mo)


80% engineers ans technicians

Terres Inovia had 137 permanent employees on 31st December 2014, located all over France, 80% of which are engineers and technicians. The staff is distributed in equal parts between activities of research and development.

Its activities cover all sectors aiming at the improvement of oilseed, grain legumes and hemp production, quality and markets.

Its research relies on:

• 9 testing stations

In the field, 12 regional offices analyze field issues and ensure contact and advice for growers.


Site locations map

To locate all the Terres Inoviaoffices, testing stations, laboratories, centers and units.



Contacts and collaborations with all the actors of the sector

Terres Inovia partnerships aim to transfer the results of research to the operationnal actors in the field, and to pass on the demands of producers towards researchers. Terres Inovia is included in several UMT (technological mixed unit) with INRA, takes part in scientific comitees, co-finances theses or studies.

Terres Inovia has many collaborations with other technical institutes (Arvalis, ITB etc) through common studies, experimentations and actions.

In the field, many partnerships exist with development organisations. The whole of the testing network around Terres Inovia covers close to 600 testing plots.

Terres Inovia is in contact with research units throughout the world. It is the coordinator of the International Consultative Group for Research on Rapeseed (GCIRC) and the International Sunflower Organization (ISA).


UMT coordinated by Terres Inovia 

A mixed technological unit (UMT for "Unité Mixte Technologique") gathers in a same place several partners in agfricultural research, development and traning. The aim is to improve and increase collaborations and common studies, to encourage innovation and multidisciplinary work. Set for a length of 5 years, UMT are funded by the Ministry of agriculture. Terres Inovia is in charge of several UMT.


Terres Inovia's governance

Link with the producers

This link is provided:

- for oilseeds and grain legumes, by regional commissions for main crops. These commissions are shared with Arvalis-Institut du végétal and cover the main French production regions.

- for industrial hemp by a technical committee which brings together both experts and representatives of farmers and of the transformation process, for each production region.

The Scientific Committee

Terres Inovia's scientific program is discussed by an advisory board, the Scientific Committee, composed of a scientific committe for oilseeds and another for industrial hemp.

This committee is composed of outside scientists not tied to Terres Inovia. It is chaired by a public research personality, who garantees the independance of the Committee. It brings together scientists of the public and para-public sector, representatives of the Oilseed, Grain legumes and Industrial Hemp sectors and economic actors in this field.

Board of Directors

Terres Inovia's inter-professional activity is apparent at the institutional level through the composition of its board of directors. Its members are all agricultural professionnals and represent every economic player in the oilseed, grain legumes and industrial hemp sector.

The chairman of the board of directors is a farmer and most members have outside duties in other professional organizations in the sector. 


The Scientific Committee and the Board of Directors were renewed in 2013.




Terres Inovia organisation

President: Sébastien Windsor

Director: Laurent Rosso

Deputy Director: David Gouache

   Support unit for management, strategic watch and international actions: Josiane Champolivier and Etienne Pilorgé

Communication directorate: Christine Gigandon

Digital, information and data management Directorate: Gérald DeCosnac

Regional actions, transfer and value directorate: Fabien Lagarde

   Deputy director: Frédéric Fine

   Eastern regions: Hubert Hébinger

   Western regions: Mathieu Godet

   Southern regions: Christophe Vogrincic

Research, studies and testing directorate: David Gouache

   Testing department: André Estragnat   

   Operational studies department: Francis Flénet

   Laboratory of entomology, pathology and molcular biology: Martine Leflon

   Laboratoryof physico-chemical analysis: Francine Christaens

   Innovative Methods and Technologies: Xavier Pinochet

   Seed processing and grain value unit: hiring in progress

Human Resources and General Services: Claudine Madec

   Human resources: Nathalie Gallouet and Corinne Moquard

   Quality, Security and Environment Department: Christel Caro

   Financial Department: Philippe Benoist

   General services and budget: Aurore Borrego


Terres Inovia's means

Terres Inovia's total budget is approximatively 15 million euros.

All oilseed and grain legumes producers contribute to funding Terres Inovia through a levy made mandatory by the government and paid to ONIDOL (National Interprofessionnal Oilseed Organization) and UNIP (National Interprofessional Union for Protein-rich Plants). For industrial hemp, Terres Inovia is funded by the growers through the Interchanvre interprofession. 

The budget is complemented by financing from the Ministry of Agriculture (CASDAR), public R&D contracts (European Commission, French ministries and regions) and contracts with industries in the sector.


Detail of Terres Inovia's budget (2014)




Quality Assurance

Terres Inovia is one of the first organisations to have been officially qualified as an agricultural technical institute by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2007. This qualification was renewed in 2012.

This qualification is in addition to the ISO 9001 certification Terres Inovia aquired in 2000, and confirmed in 2012. This certification, given away by AFAQ* concerns Terres Inovia as a whole, for all its activities, and is an acknowledgement of the quality of Terres Inovia's working methods. It also compels Terres Inovia to constantly improve its procedures and functioning.

The Ardon Analysis Laboratory is accredited according to the EN-ISO-CEI 17025 guidelines since 1996 and renewed in 2011, and Terres Inovia's testing stations received the "Good Testing Practices" certification in 1999, renewed in 2014.

This enables Terres Inovia to answer the most demanding competitive biddings.


* French Association for Third Party Certification of Corporate Quality Assurance Systems.


The oilseed, grain legumes and industrial hemp sectors

To know more abour these sectors: 

- Terres OléoPro, the sector for vegetable oils and proteins


- Interchanvre, the sector for indistrial hemp



Working at CETIOM

Various disciplines are practiced in our company. Agronomists work next to chemists, managers or computer engineers. Moreover, each year Terres Inovia hosts many trainees, apprentices and short-term contracts.

Hiring is coordinated by the Human Resource Department.

Contact the Human Resource Department: Nathalie Gallouet - n.gallouet(at)terresinovia.fr


Qualité des graines tournesol - récolte 2018

Qualité des graines tournesol - récolte 2018

La teneur en huile est de 43,9 %

Qualité des graines pois 2018

Qualité des graines pois 2018

La teneur en protéines moyenne des graines s’élève à 21,7 %

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